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Peanut Butter joins Olimp’s Whey Protein Complex menu

peanut butter olimp protein

The team over at the major European supplement company Olimp, has launched a new flavor this month for one of its many protein powders. The product getting the brand’s attention this time around is its mainstream blend competitor, Whey Protein Complex. The recipe Olimp has introduced is a fairly common flavor with Peanut Butter.

The new addition to Olimp’s Whey Protein Complex can in fact already be found on the brand’s own website, although at the moment only in the one size. That size is the supplement’s smaller 700g bag, priced direct at €18.99. While it’s not yet available, we do know there is a second size or at least Olimp suggests there is, as the Peanut Butter news is being promoted with an image of a 4lb/1.8kg tub.

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