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Con-Cret Whey an incredible $10 for 2lbs from Pharma Soup

con-cret whey

Earlier this week we introduced the new supplement deals website Pharma Soup, and said that it is a store you’re going to want to follow closely. Not just because it features a new special every day, but because those deals are pretty incredible. Today Pharma Soup actually has one of its best yet, with a full-size 2lb tub of Promera’s Con-Cret Whey for $10.

As mentioned previously, Pharma Soup does list details for all of its specials, letting you know why it’s cheap and the conditions of the deal. The important details for today’s unbeatable $10 2lber are that Pharma Soup has just 100 tubs available, all Chocolate S’Mores flavor, with a limit of one per person, and the reason it’s so cheap is because Promera simply wants to push the product.

If you’d like to get in on the offer before all of Pharma Soup’s Con-Cret Whey is gone, head on over to as quickly as you can.

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