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ISA-Test PX4 named and previewed without any exact details

isa-test px4

When iSatori launched its new look last week, the one thing we were left wondering was whether or not it was bringing with it any new supplements. That question was answered earlier this week with a yes, as the brand revealed and released its energy infused carnitine formula, Carnitine LS3 Energy. It now turns out the carnitine spin-off isn’t all iSatori has planned.

The name of another new product from iSatori has been confirmed, with the ISA-Test GF spin-off called ISA-Test PX4. At the moment all we have is the name of the supplement, and assuming it keeps the ISA-Test name going, it will also likely be a testosterone booster of some kind. The only other detail we have for ISA-Test PX4 is that it packs 120 capsules per bottle, with no idea if that’s the usual 30 serving amount or something else.

By the looks of things, iSatori’s new ISA-Test PX4 is actually already available on its website, or at least it’s letting you add the item to your cart. We did reach out to the brand for more information on the product a day or so ago but have yet to hear anything back.

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