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Olympus Labs hints at replacements for Endure+, Elixir, and Conquer

olympus labs

Olympus Labs recently run a massive sale direct through its website, drastically discounting three of its more complex supplements. The items included in the sale were the Carb10 infused Endure+, the focus formula Elixir, and the top rated pre-workout Conquer Unleashed. The brand has now kind of revealed why it actually had those specific three products on sale.

While Olympus Labs hasn’t confirmed any exact details, it has said that the three supplements it had on sale last week are a good indication as to what its next few releases are going to be. Basically, the brand is making it sound like the reason it put Endure+, Elixir, and Conquer Unleashed on sale is because it has new versions or replacements on the way.

We’re not entirely certain on whether or not Olympus Labs is planning on launching a new product for each of those categories, but there is definitely at least one lined up. We wouldn’t actually be too surprised if a new pre-workout is in the cards, as the brand has shown in the past that it likes to stay on top of the highly competitive category.

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