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Olympus Labs was all over 2016 with creative new supplements

olympus labs

While a lot of supplement companies had pretty good years in 2016, there were very few that stayed strong from start to finish. One of the few that did was Olympus Labs who really did drop release after release. To make itself stand out even more, a lot of the brand’s releases were quite unique, one of which even earned a place on our list of top 10 pre-workouts. It is because of all of that Olympus has taken the #3 spot in our list of top 5 brands of 2016.

Olympus Labs started off its year fairly early on when it teased, unveiled, then launched, its packed out testosterone booster Testify Pro. As exciting as the product was for fans of the brand, it was only a few weeks after that in February when confirmation came in that Olympus was planning to introduce four entirely new supplements at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

olympus labs

After another successful teaser campaign, Olympus eventually introduced its four new products a day out from the Arnold. The list of items we were all treated to included the caffeinated focus formula Elixir, the fat burner Ignite, and the two peri-workouts, Endure and the Carb10 infused Endure+. The four supplements proved that Testify Pro wasn’t just a one off, well put together formula, and that Olympus really meant business in 2016.

Despite the brand already hitting March with four new products, a couple of weeks after the Arnold it came back with even more for the month. Following its massive four supplement release, Olympus confirmed that a slightly reformulated capsule version of Testify was coming down the pipeline. It also introduced three new flavors for its performance formula Triumph, with Berry Cherry, Strawberry Banana, and a convenient Unflavored option.

olympus labs

From there Olympus Labs did tone it down a bit for a few months, not making too much noise but keeping everyone interested with awesome sales and a teaser of another entirely new product. That teaser did end up leading to the launch of the brand’s supercharged muscle builder Origin, although we did get a little something else before that one.

It was in early August that Olympus announced that it had a new and improved version of its not even one-year-old pre-workout, Conquer Unleashed, on the way. The catch was that the label for it was identical to the previous version, however the brand assured us that it had definitely been improved. We did eventually get a hold of the supplement and discovered for ourselves, that despite the label similarities Conquer Unleashed had indeed been made better, so much so that it earned a spot on our top 10 list of pre-workouts.

olympus labs

By September Olympus already had a new product total bigger than most companies would finish 2016 with, although surprisingly it was far from done. In the last few months of the year the brand kept the pressure on its competitors and unleashed another four supplements. First up we got the two flavored fat burners Bloodshred Raw and Bloodshred War Edition, then the supercharged PCT Kings Blood, then to finish off an incredible year we got the overall health formula Kingsguard.

As you can read, 2016 was a massive year for Olympus Labs. It saw the brand enter a lot of entirely new categories, and do so with well put together products. It also re-entered categories it was already in, including the new Conquer Unleashed which turned out to be one of the best pre-workouts on the market. Heading into 2017 we can’t even imagine what’s in store for us, but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this year is just as good as the last.

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