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Olimp’s Whey Complex gets another new flavor a month after its last

salty caramel whey complex

The major European supplement company Olimp, has just dropped a new flavor for one of its many protein powder competitors. The product getting the brand’s attention to start the new year is actually the same one it added to last month with an all-new Peanut Butter option.

The Olimp formula getting another flavor added to its menu is Whey Protein Complex, which does already have quite the list to choose from with unique options like Tiramisu, Lemon Cheesecake, and Orange Maracuja. Now joining that menu is another somewhat uncommon protein recipe with Salty Caramel Whey Complex.

Olimp has in fact already added the new flavor to its website where it is available for purchase, although only in the supplement’s smaller 700g size.

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