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Swole O’Clock updates its line with scratch proof glass

swole o clock v3

The bodybuilding watch brand Swole O’Clock has just launched a new and improved version for all of its heavy-duty timepieces. The creative brand has made just one major change for its V3 series of watches, and that is upgrade the design’s face to scratch proof sapphire crystal glass.

To go with the release of the new and improved Swole O’Clock watches, fans have also been treated to two new options for the brand’s men’s line up. Now available alongside the original six styles is the silver and black Cronos, and the stylish, almost all white Jupiter.

swole o clock v3

Swole O’Clock hasn’t left out its female fans either, adding two new timepieces to its women’s Goddess Collection. Joining that series’ original three is Venus colored in white and silver with a touch of pink, and Juno featuring white and silver with a touch of baby blue.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at any of the updated, original Swole O’Clock designs, or of the four new color options, the brand has kept its watch prices exactly the same. The men’s timepieces are still priced at $169 each and the women’s $149, although there is now the discounted SwoleMates pack of one men’s watch and one’s women for just $269.

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