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Olympus Labs launching its new pre-workout at the next Stack3d Pro

olympus labs reign

While Olympus Labs wasn’t at this year’s Arnold Classic Expo, the brand did have some pretty exciting news to share from Columbus. It basically confirmed as suspected, that the reason it is clearing out its current pre-workout competitor Conquer, is because it’s making way for a new one called Reign.

Olympus Labs has now revealed exactly when its still very mysterious pre-workout is going to finally be available. The upcoming supplement Reign is in fact due to be unleashed at our next Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo in the second week of May.

We’re not quite sure if Olympus Labs is going to be dropping Reign’s details in the weeks leading up to the next Stack3d Pro, only that it will be available for the expo. Regardless of which ever way things go, definitely stay tuned here for updates, as we will of course have the inside scoop on the Stack3d Pro.

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