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Peak Physicor now available individually and in a discounted stack

peak physicor

After seeing bits and pieces of it, then last week the full reveal of its formula. Marc Lobliner’s very promising MTS Nutrition innovation Peak Physicor, has now finally arrived. The muscle building, fat burning, performance enhancing supplement has gone on sale on the 20th of March at Tiger Fitness, just as Lobliner promised.

The new product has been launched at a price of $39.99 for a full 30 serving bottle, which is right in the area we were expecting it to be. There is however a way you can save a little bit of money, as today Tiger Fitness has introduced Peak Physicor in a stack with a couple of other MTS supplements.

Also now available is the MTS Hard Body Stack, which is the combination of the testosterone booster MTS Insurgent, the hardening agent MTS Tyrant, and the all-new Peak Physicor. The price on the set is $109.23, a saving of $5 compared to buying the three products individually.

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