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Peak Physicor featuring Peak O2 and Physicor fenugreek

peak physicor

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen and heard a lot about Marc Lobliner’s very promising upcoming supplement, Peak Phyiscor. All we really knew about it previously were all of the exciting highlights it promotes including an 8.5% increase in peak power, 11% increase in VO2 Max, and increased lean body mass.

As interesting as all of MTS Nutrition’s Peak Physicor promises were, we didn’t have any details about what ingredients the product would be using to deliver its exciting effects. Today we’ve finally got all of that information, including confirmation of the supplement’s two extremely well-researched ingredients.

peak physicor

When you look at the title of Peak Physicor, it is in fact fairly obvious what its formula is made up of. Simply break down the name into two words and you get Peak, which is in relation to the product’s use of the Peak O2 performance blend, and Physicor, which refers to the trademarked PhysiCor fenugreek.

While the Peak Physicor formula is quite simple, as mentioned it is being promoted with a lot of interesting effects. The few we listed earlier aren’t actually all of the supplement’s highlights, with some of its other research-backed points (vs placebo) including a 2x increase in bench, 5.5x decrease in body fat, and a 75% increase in leg strength.

peak physicor

The other major highlights for MTS Nutrition’s upcoming Peak Physicor is that all of its benefits come from a non-hormonal formula that doesn’t need to be cycled. Based on everything the product is promoting it’s really sounding like the rare mix of weight loss and muscle building, with a side of performance enhancement, making it a truly unique all-in-one supplement.

The very promising Peak Physicor is still expected to be released next week on Monday the 20th. The place it’ll be available first is of course the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness, with no word yet on exactly how much it is going to cost.

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