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Tim Muriello enters the industry with his DMHA pre-workout Spazmatic


Tim Muriello, most known for his fitness and supplement advice videos, has decided it is time to take on the industry with his very own brand. Like a lot of new comers, Muriello has started things off with a pre-workout formula which goes by the very unique name, Spazmatic.

According to Muriello, his first ever release is a combination of ingredients and doses he believes truly work, without any space wasted on things that you don’t need. He has also designed Spazmatic as a single scoop formula, unlike some of the pre-workouts out there that require two scoops to get the correct doses of their ingredients.

Spazmatic has been packed with three transparently dosed blends, promising a complete pre-workout experience. Each blend is responsible for a single effect with one for increased energy, another for distraction eliminating focus, and the last one for muscle pumps.


The ingredients making up Spazmatic’s energy blend are 2g of taurine, 400mg of caffeine from green tea and caffeine anhydrous, 30mg each of higenamine and hordenine, and 100mg of the stimulant that’s in almost all 10 of our top pre-workouts, DMHA. Next on the list is Muriello’s focus complex with a gram of tyrosine and 200mcg of huperzine A, then another two ingredients for pump, with 4.5g of straight citrulline and 200mg of norvaline.

If you’d like to give the first ever Tim Muriello supplement a run, you can now grab Spazmatic from The colorfully packaged pre-workout currently comes in just the one Watermelon Taffy flavor, with a full 30 servings per tub, which as mentioned is enough for 30 workouts.

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