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Tim Muriello working on a test booster called Best Natty Test

best natty test

Last week we were introduced to the first ever product from the fitness and supplement educator Tim Muriello, with his DMHA powered pre-workout Spazmatic. Muriello has now confirmed that the pre-workout category isn’t going to be the only area of the market he competes in.

Tim Muriello has announced today that Spazmatic is eventually going to be joined by a testosterone booster, currently going by the working title Best Natty Test. From what we can see it does look like the product is going to come in powder form, and will no doubt continue Muriello’s philosophy of giving you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

At the moment the unofficially named Best Natty Test is only at the beta sampling stage, so it will probably be a while before testosterone booster fans need to get their wallets out.

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