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Creatine A5X rebranded with no change to its formula

creatine a5x

It was at last year’s Olympia expo that we got our first look at iSatori’s updated branding on its bio-active supplement, Bio-Gro. A few months later we then finally saw that look put to good use through the brand’s website on Bio-Gro, as well as on Carnitine LS3 and the then new Carnitine LS3 Energy.

iSatori has now applied its rebrand to another one of its current products, transforming its creatine formula Creatine A5X. You can see the updated supplement on its website where it doesn’t look like anything has changed formula wise. Creatine A5X still features its Potentin Catalyst Matrix and five form creatine blend which also includes betaine and agmatine.

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