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Sex On The Beach makes it 3 flavors for Furious Pete’s Goku Gains

sex on the beach goku gains

At the end of last year Furious Pete’s supplement company Furious Formulations, asked fans for ideas on a new flavor for its DMHA pre-workout Goku Gains. While it didn’t necessarily mean the brand would end up using one of the suggestions, it definitely made it seem like another flavor for the product was in the works.

Furious Formulations has now revealed and released a third flavor for Goku Gains, with the originals Yummy Gummy Gasms and Peach Mango Fandango being joined by the cocktail Sex On The Beach. Currently the new Goku Gains option is only available for pre-order, although the brand is expecting to have Sex On The Beach in just a few days time on Monday April 10th.

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