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Ambrosia unveils its morning, MCT formula Ritual AM

Ambrosia Ritual AM

The collaborative supplement company Ambrosia, from the minds of Mike Rashid of ImSoAlpha, Sean Torbati of HPN, and Marc Lobliner of MTS Nutrition. Has unveiled the next new addition to its well put together, and very unique line up of products.

Ambrosia’s last release turned out to be its most impressive formula so far with the recovery supplement Overtraining Solution. After it running it for many weeks, we discovered first hand that it is indeed one of the best recovery products on the market.

The next new addition to the growing Ambrosia family is Ritual AM, which officially describes itself as a “morning biohacking theorem”. The few details we have so far are that each tub weighs in at a hefty 743g, comes in at least one morning themed flavor in Italian Creme Coffee, and is going to feature MCTs.

Based on all of the information we have so far, it sounds like Ambrosia Ritual AM is some sort of essential fats loaded, morning coffee replacement. Possibly along the same lines as BPI Sports’ ketogenic creamer Keto Bomb.

The good news is we aren’t going to be waiting too long for more details on Ritual AM, as Ambrosia plans on launching this one in less than two weeks. The exact date for when the supplement is due to arrive is Thursday the 1st of June, which is just 12 days from now.

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