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Cucumber Lime HelixBCAA limited edition and arriving in 3 weeks

Cucumber Lime HelixBCAA

Nubreed Nutrition does already have quite a few flavors available for its flagship amino formula HelixBCAA, in fact it just added another last month with the multi-taste recipe Island Breeze. Despite the supplement having a relatively large menu, the brand is back again this month with yet one more option for HelixBCAA.

The latest addition to the menu of Nubreed’s amino product is another multi-taste recipe with Cucumber Lime. The catch with this one, however, is that unlike all of HelixBCAA’s other flavors, Cucumber Lime is a limited edition release and isn’t going to be around forever.

Nubreed fans can now pre-order the Cucumber Lime HelixBCAA directly through, although it isn’t due to ship for quite some time. According to the brand, the new flavor is still around three weeks away from arriving, with an exact shipping date of Monday the 19th of June.

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