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Limited Labs updates its cognitive enhancer with more focus and energy

dragon brainhacker

The brand behind the industry first ketogenic sports drink Ketone.IO, has just released an updated version of one of its other supplements. The company we’re talking about is of course Limited Labs, with the focus supplement Dragon being the one getting a slightly new formula.

Limited Labs hasn’t exactly changed too much in the product, simply adding in one other ingredient to deliver better energy and focus. The new addition to Dragon is the trademarked EnXtra alpinia galanga at 300mg per two-capsule serving. The ingredient joins the supplement’s already effective list of features which includes 250mg of Cognizin citicoline, 150mg of alpha GPC, and 125mg of TeaCrine.

dragon brainhacker

The official Limited Labs website has been updated to reflect the new version of Dragon, where you can also now purchase the product. The price on it is $44.99 for a full 60 capsule bottle, which is enough to supply you 30 servings.

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