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Marc Lobliner unveils his upcoming GDA MTS Nutrient Driver

mts nutrient driver

MTS Nutrient Driver is the latest supplement from Marc Lobliner and the team over at the top rated brand MTS Nutrition. The name of the new and upcoming product does describe exactly what it is, which is a glucose disposal agent (GDA).

MTS Nutrient Driver was designed to do very similar to what a lot of other GDAs do, and that is help drive nutrients into the muscle more efficiently. It does also promise a few other benefits on top of that including help with food cravings, mood, appetite control, heart and brain health, energy support, immune system, and cortisol levels.

mts nutrient driver

To make sure it follows through on all it promises to do, MTS Nutrition has packed Nutrient Driver with five, common GDA ingredients. The main features in the supplement are 200mcg of chromium picolinate, 750mg of berberine, 100mg of banaba extract, 50mg of r-ala lipoic acid, and 100mg gymnema extract.

MTS Nutrient Driver is not yet available but is expected to launch through the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness, in around three week’s time. The retailer has already listed the product in preparation for its arrival, giving us confirmation of how much it will cost at $39.99 for a full 60 serving bottle.

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