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Olimp’s Caffeine Kick keeps it simple with 300mg of caffeine per capsule

olimp caffeine kick

Following yesterday’s post about Olimp’s all-new sequel pre-workout supplement Knockout 2.0, which features a surprisingly small dose of citrulline at 600mg. Details have now come in on another new product from the European company that’s a little more straightforward called Caffeine Kick.

When we say, Olimp’s Caffeine Kick is a simple supplement we do indeed mean it, as caffeine is all that’s in the formula. Each of its 60 capsules packs a relatively heavy dose of caffeine at 300mg, making it ideal for stimulant junkies who want a lot of extra caffeine, although not so much for anyone looking for only a little bit extra.

As per usual the latest from Olimp is already available through its main website at Since it is just a caffeine formula, the price on Caffeine Kick is pretty low at just €5.99 for a full 60 capsule box.

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