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Reign looks like it’ll cost $20 a tub at Suppz when it launches

olympus labs reign

Olympus Labs recently shared an update on its highly anticipated pre-workout supplement Reign. One of the most interesting details in that update was that the brand would be initially introducing the product through the retailer Suppz.

To make the release even more exciting, Olympus Labs said that Reign would be introduced with a buy one get one free deal. Suppz has now listed the very exciting pre-workout on its website in preparation for its arrival, which has brought with it exactly how much a tub of Reign is going to cost.

At the moment Suppz has the upcoming Olympus Labs supplement listed at $39.99 for a full tub, with no word on exactly how many servings it will have. Regardless of the amount workouts you get out of it, the good news is if that price stays the same for Reign’s BOGO launch next month, you’re only going to be paying $20 a tub.

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