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Olympus Labs Reign preview confirms juglans regia with a massive serving size

olympus labs reign

Olympus Labs has released a first look at what is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017. The product is the replacement for the brand’s previously top rated pre-workout Conquer Unleashed, officially titled Olympua Labs Reign.

Today’s preview of the upcoming supplement confirms quite a few details, the first and most obvious of them is that Reign is going to be introducing a new look for Olympus Labs. The brand’s updated theme sees it go back to its roots, using demigod inspired imagery and graphics.

We also get confirmation of the product’s effects which as expected suggest Reign is going to be a complete pre-workout experience. The brand is promising tunnel vision focus, insane energy, extreme pumps, and maximum endurance.

olympus labs reign

The other bits and pieces of information we’ve got from the first look at Olympus Labs Reign is all about the pre-workout’s formula. We can already assume the supplement is going to be effective, as every entry into the competitive category we’ve ever tried from the brand has been extremely impressive.

We know that each tub of Reign is going to weigh in at 795g which is pretty big regardless of how many servings it has. If we’re looking at the same amount as Conquer Unleashed with 20, the serving size for Reign would be a massive 40g, or even it’s the usual 30 servings it’ll be 26g.

Lastly there a few ingredients we can confirm for Olympus Labs Reign, with one of them coming with an exact dose. The features we know of are citrulline at 5g, pomegranate powder, Agmass branded agmatine sulfate, caffeine, eria jarensis, and juglans regia.

The launch for Olympus Labs Reign is still coming sometime soon, with between this month and next being a rough idea of when you can expect it.

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