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Highly anticipated Reign confirmed to feature Tasteless TeaCrine and Vaso-6

olympus labs reign

To go with its appearance at this week’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo, where it is running an exclusive 50% off sale on all of its supplements. Olympus Labs has decided to also pass on an update on its highly anticipated pre-workout release, Reign.

The first piece of information we have from the brand is related to its formula, with confirmation of a handful of its ingredients. Olympus Labs Reign is going to feature juglans regia, eria jarensis, and the recently introduced Tasteless TeaCrine.

There is also apparently going to be a new ingredient in Reign called Vaso-6, a special extract of grape seed and green tea. According to Olympus Labs, it enhances nitric oxide and vasodilation, as well as support extreme endurance and recovery.

The other detail we have from the brand this week is in relation to when Olympus Labs Reign is going to be available, and a deal that’s going to be too good to pass up. The pre-workout is due to be released early next month, exclusively through the major retailer Suppz.

Where the deal comes in with Reign is that it is going to be introduced with a buy one get one free sale. We don’t yet know what its regular price is going to be, however, if it’s anything like the current Olympus pre-workout, you’ll be looking at under $20 for a full tub.

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