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Black Market’s latest limited edition another unique flavor

Sangria AdreNOlyn

Just as it’s done for every month over the past few years, Black Market is finishing off this month with the launch of another limited edition pre-workout flavor. The recipe it’s gone with this time around is, in fact, another unique flavor with Sangria, intended to taste exactly like the real thing.

Black Market’s latest effort is the 39th unique flavor launched from its limited edition Guerrilla Edition series, the last one coming back in April with Strawberry Guava. It’s certainly good to see that even after four years of monthly special edition releases, the underground brand is still able to be creative.

You may also notice that this announcement isn’t coming on the typical Monday like with previous Black Market Guerrilla Editions. That is because moving forward the underground brand will still launch its special flavors on Monday, but only announce them later that week. This way by the time fans hear about them they’ll be available in stores, or at least a lot closer.