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Guardian Black Mass Attack Review: Powerful and complete pre-workout

Guardian Black Mass Attack

Back when we first introduced Silverback Nutraceuticals we mentioned that its one supplement, the pre-workout Guardian Black Mass Attack, looked extremely promising. It features a fully transparent, loaded formula promising to deliver everything a pre-workout should with energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been using the product in the gym to find out if it’s as good as expected. We’ve put it through various workouts, compared it back to back with some of our favorite pre-workouts to see how it ranks, and now have our honest hands-on Guardian Black review.

Packed formula

As a quick run down on the formula behind Guardian Black Mass Attack, it features a total of 14 different ingredients. Some of the supplement’s biggest highlights include 6g of citrulline malate and a gram of agmatine for pumps, 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, 2g of creatine HCl and 1.5g of betaine for strength. And for energy and focus you get 100mg of the powerful stimulant DMHA, 200mg of theanine, 300mg of caffeine, and 150mg of dicaffeine malate.

Horrible flavor

We’ll start our Guardian Black Mass Attack review with the first thing you’ll encounter when taking the pre-workout yourself, and that is its taste. Usually, we don’t talk about flavor, however, on this occasion, it is worth mentioning as Silverback’s one and only Tigers Blood option is not good.

Guardian Black has a real bitter, sour tang to it that is far from enjoyable to drink. It’s not quite as bad as the first DVST8 White Cut flavors or Unstoppable V2, but still not something you’d want to sip away at slowly. We found it best to throw back like a shot, although not too concentrated as it can be too much.

Guardian Black Mass Attack

Energy and focus throughout

Moving on to how Guardian Black Mass Attack performs in the gym, it is just as Silverback says, a combination of all of the effects you want in a pre-workout. It has lasting energy, strong mental drive, mild, but dense muscle pumps, and a powerful boost in performance and endurance.

Like in most DMHA infused pre-workouts, the energy and focus in Silverback’s product go hand in hand. They’re the two effects you feel first after throwing back a full serving, that ensure you step foot in the gym with a very natural like, reassuring energy and a solid focus that makes sure you think about nothing but the job at hand.

Once you then get going with your workout, that intense and reliable energy and focus stay impressively high from start to finish. At no point will you feel underpowered or under energized, and with the enhanced mental drive and tunnel vision focus, you’ll be able to take on each set powerfully and confidently.

Mild pump, incredible performance

The other two effects in Guardian Black Mass Attack are muscle pumps and performance. The pumps are hard and dense, but not to the point where you’d say you need the pre-workout to get them. The only reason you really know the supplement helps in that area is that it feels like it’s much easier to get the blood going, and you can get a good pump going quicker than usual.

Guardian Black Mass Attack

As for the performance in Silverback’s pre-workout, this is where we feel the product truly shines. With the help of Guardian Black’s energy, which as mentioned earlier keeps you feeling ready to go from start to finish. The performance side of the supplement makes sure that when you confidently and powerfully head into each set, that you can perform at the top of your game.

Regardless of how heavy you go, reps you do, or little rest you take, Guardian Black will keep you fueled throughout your workout. Unlike most pre-workouts where they rely on stimulation and energy to keep you going, then you eventually exhaust yourself or just can’t maintain your strength. Guardian Black keeps the experience comfortable and smooth but still has you knocking out impressive reps and sets.

One of the best on the market

While today’s review may be about Silverback’s first ever release, Guardian Black Mass Attack is easily one of the best pre-workouts on the market right now. Not only does the energy and focus make for a great experience all on their own, but you also get a mild increase in pumps as well as a boost in performance that just a few competitors out there can match.

If you’re a fan of performance-based pre-workouts like Pre Jym, Muscle Elements PreCre, or Nutrabolics Supernova, but feel like they could do with more of a kick, Guardian Black Mass Attack is what you’re looking for. The product is actually probably closer in comparison to some of our top ten pre-workouts like DVST8 White Cut but with less stimulation, or CT Fletcher’s Sidewalk Kraka with a slightly lighter intensity.