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NitroX Series TeaCrine and Nitrosigine doses confirmed

Hyde NitroX

Over the past couple of weeks, when it comes to ProSupps it has been all about the brand’s new NitroX Series of pre-workouts featuring Hyde NitroX and Jekyll NitroX. Before today we’d confirmed pretty much everything about the two supplements, except for their their full list of ingredients.

Today we’ve got the final piece of the ProSupps NitroX Series puzzle, with the official facts panels for both Hyde NitroX and Jekyll NitroX. As mentioned many times before, the primary goals of the new and improved products are to deliver better energy and focus with the help of TeaCine, and improved pumps thanks to Nitrosigine. The brand has also said its tweaked the stimulants in the pre-workouts to give them a better overall balance of effects.

NitroX Series

NitroX formulas revealed

For those of you that have been waiting for the facts panels of the NitroX supplements, they don’t really bring any surprises. The two feature exactly what ProSupps has been talking about since first introducing Hyde NitroX and Jekyll NitroX, and that is the addition of TeaCrine and Nitrosigine. The two new ingredients have however taken the place of previous features, so there is some interest there.

Hyde NitroX

We’ll start with the more popular of the two pre-workouts in Hyde NitroX. Basically, everything is the same as the previous version of Mr. Hyde except ProSupps has removed the agmatine and replaced it with half a gram of Nitrosigine. Then in the energy department, hordenine and n-methyl-tyramine have been replaced by 50mg each of theanine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 25mg of the promised TeaCrine.

Hyde NitroX

Jekyll NitroX

Moving on to Jekyll NitroX, the changes are equally as small as they are in Hyde NitroX. ProSupps has once again replaced the agmatine in Jekyll with half a gram of Nitrosigine. Then to make room for the 25mg of TeaCrine, the brand has dropped its amino matrix of leucine and HMB, as well as its 25mg of GABA.

Jekyll NitroX

First chance at Hyde NitroX

While the official facts panels of both NitroX Series pre-workouts are exactly what we expected them to be, we do have some more good news today for diehard ProSupps fans. To go with the label reveals, the brand has also now made Hyde NitroX available for purchase through its website.

At the moment ProSupps has only two of the pre-workouts ten flavors in stock with Blue Razz Popsicle and Sour Green Apple, with the former in 15 and 30 serving tubs, and the latter just in 30. The prices on the product are $35.99 and $59.99, although do keep in mind your are buying straight from the brand here, so it is quite expensive. If you’d rather save money than be one of the first to try Hyde NitroX, you can wait for it to hit stores where it will have a much nicer price.