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Olympus Labs explains Re1gn’s secret ingredient St1m-X

Olympus Labs ST1M-X

As we journey towards the highly anticipated release of Olympus Labs’ latest pre-workout creation Re1gn, which is undoubtedly going to be a top rated supplement. The brand is slowly releasing details on the product piece by piece, week by week.

Today we have yet another Re1gn update from Olympus Labs, going into detail on one of the most important features in the supplement. Last time we checked in with the brand, we were able to confirm a handful of ingredients with citrulline, pomegranate powder, agmatine sulfate, caffeine, eria jarensis, juglans regia, and Tasteless TeaCrine.

Alongside those is going to be a feature trademarked by Olympus Labs itself, called St1m-X. By the sounds of things, it doesn’t look like we’re going to find out what the apparently powerful ingredient is, although today the brand has given us an official description on it.

According to Olympus Labs, St1m-X is a “trademarked standardized extract of a certain plant’s alkaloids”. It is intended to work in with the other stimulants in Re1gn such as eria jarensis and juglans regia to deliver an impressive combination of energy and focus.

Definitely stay tuned for more from Olympus Labs on Re1gn, as mentioned the brand is drip feeding details on the pre-workout with its official list of flavors expected to be the next bit of information released.