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Force Factor’s new Fuego focuses more on performance and endurance


Following on from last week’s complete unveiling of its upcoming protein powder Whey30, which is powered by a title relevant 30g of protein. This week, Force Factor has completely unveiled another entirely new product it has coming soon with the pre-workout Fuego.

Compared to Force Factor’s current pre-workout VolcaNO Fury, Fuego appears to be more about performance and endurance, as opposed to a stimulant driven energy and focus experience. Altogether the supplement does promote quite a complete combination of effects with increased energy, intense focus, improved strength and power, and insane muscle pumps.

Transparent Fuego formula

The formula backing up Force Factor’s Fuego does reflect its less stimulating experience with a mix of nine transparently dosed ingredients. Taking care of the energy and focus side of things is a gram of tyrosine, 250mg each of caffeine and theanine, 50mg of TeaCrine theacrine, and 10mg of tooth clubmoss.


The other half of Fuego is where all of its strength, performance, and pumps come from with a solid 3g of citrulline, 2g of taurine, a gram of the PeakO2 performance blend, and 10mg of BioPerine black pepper. It is also worth mentioning that the maximum serving of the new Force Factor pre-workout is just one serving, despite the fact that we’ve seen some of its ingredients dosed a little higher in some of its competitors.

Available this August

As mentioned earlier, much like Whey30, Force Factor Fuego is not yet available but should be on shelves exclusively at GNC sometime next month. It is due to be released in three 20 serving flavors with Fruit Punch, Blue Razz, and the creative recipe Arctic Gumball, and have a price of $34.99.