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MTS Nutrition changes the game with its latest limited edition tee

Marc Lobliner Face Tee

We don’t typically see anything too unique when it comes to clothing from supplement companies, with the usual print on a tee, hoodie, or tank. MTS Nutrition’s latest shirt is one of those rare exceptions that is both limited edition and very entertaining.

The tee comes in the one red color and on the front in black print, are the words “Ask Me About MTS Nutrition”. While that may not sound all that exciting, when you flip it up and over your head, the game completely changes. Printed on the inside of the shirt is the face of the one and only Marc Lobliner, that’s positioned perfectly to cover your face when flipped over.

MTS Nutrition and Marc Lobliner fans can now purchase the new release from the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness. It comes at a price of $14.99, just like most of the brand’s other tees, and is available in six different sizes with small all the way up to XXXL.

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