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Another Optimum Protein Yogurt Smoothie shows up in the UK

Optimum Protein Yogurt Smoothie

Just yesterday we shared details on a new supplement from Optimum Nutrition’s Breakfast Series with the self-explanatory Protein Pancake Mix. It was the fourth product unveiled this year for the line, with today bringing information on another item for the series called Protein Yogurt Smoothie.

UK and Europe only product

The latest Optimum Breakfast Series supplement does appear to be a lot like one of the line’s other products, Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie. The thing that seems to set them apart is that Optimum Protein Yogurt Smoothie looks like it is only for the UK and Europe while Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie has only been spotted in the US. The situation is very similar to the two other Breakfast Series items as the new Whey & Oats has also only been spotted in the US, and the Protein Oats Flapjack in the UK.

Description and formula

As for what the Optimum Protein Yogurt Smoothie actually is, like the Greek Yogurt version, it is a smoothie formula designed to make your mornings a little more efficient. It features a fairly straightforward combination of protein, the ingredient in its title, yogurt, and freeze-dried strawberry powder for the supplement’s Strawberry flavor.

Each of Optimum Protein Yogurt Smoothie’s servings provides a similar mix of macros to the Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie. The list starts with the usual 20g of protein from whey protein concentrate, then 7.8g of carbohydrates with 6.8g of that sugar, 1.7g of fat (0.6g saturated), and a total of 128 calories. Those numbers are for the product’s Strawberry flavor and are expected to vary slightly for its one other option, Vanilla.

Already available at Tropicana

Optimum’s all-new Breakfast Series supplement does already appear to be in stock and available through the major retailer and distributor Tropicana Fitness. The company currently has it priced at £28.99 for a full-size 20 serving tub or £34.99 for a set of 24 single serving packets.