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What’s the difference between TeaCrine and Tasteless TeaCrine?

TeaCrine vs Tasteless TeaCrine

TeaCrine is a powerful ingredient from Compound Solutions, that over the past few months has been showing up in more and more supplements. It promises to improve energy and focus, and have a long lasting effect, making it ideal for use in supplements like MAN Brain Bridge, Ronnie’s PreXS, and Olympus Labs Re1gn.

Recently we have been seeing something that has brought a consistently asked question relating to the TeaCrine in particular products. Earlier this year Compound Solutions introduced Tasteless TeaCrine, which is intended to solve the problem of TeaCrine supplements not tasting as good as they could.

MAN Brain Bridge

Tasteless TeaCrine purity

While Tasteless TeaCrine is good for companies looking to improve the flavoring of their TeaCrine products, it is quite different in terms of dosing. The original pure TeaCrine is essentially gram for gram, and by that we mean when it has a dose of 100mg you essentially get 100mg of TeaCrine. The tasteless version, however, is 40% pure, so 100mg of that only gets you 40mg of actual TeaCrine.

The main reason we wanted to dedicate an entire post to this is so that people are aware that there are different versions of TeaCrine out there. The information is worth having as say for example you’re a fan of TeaCrine supplements and end up comparing two similar formulas, one with 125mg of TeaCrine and one with 125mg of Tasteless TeaCrine. That would mean the former has the proven dose of 125mg, and the latter only has 50mg.

TeaCrine in a facts panel

Although brands aren’t required to say whether they’re using regular or Tasteless TeaCrine, they should be listing purity percentage on the label if their product has the better tasting version. Below we have the official facts panel from Pitbull’s Pre-Workout where it includes both the version of TeaCrine and percentage.

Pitbull Pre-Workout

This would be one of the better examples as it makes it very obvious it’s using Tasteless TeaCrine at a dose of 315mg, supplying a powerful 125mg of pure TeaCrine. From what we’ve seen so far most brands tend to be doing one or the other, stating version or percentage, with no supplement that we know of using Tasteless TeaCrine and not making it known.

Info to take away

If you’re going to take away anything from this post, it’s that there is pure TeaCrine and Tasteless TeaCrine which is 40% pure. It’s great knowledge to have next time you go shopping for a pre-workout or fat burner, as you’ll be able to compare labels just that little bit better. It’s even more important now that TeaCrine is being used more and more and will most likely be in at least one product you’ve come across.