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Universal Creatine and Glutamine flavors arrive at Supplement Central

Universal Creatine

Universal Nutrition recently announced that it had put together actual flavors for two of its basic supplements, Univesal Creatine and Glutamine. Both of the products got the same two traditional tastes each with Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

In Universal’s flavored Creatine and Glutamine announcement, it also said the new products would be hitting shelves within the next couple of weeks, which is exactly what has happened. One of the first places online to show up with the flavors is the reliable Supplement Central.

The online retailer now has stock of Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry for Universal Creatine in the one 500g tub size and Universal Glutamine in the one 300g tub size. Both products are $2 more expensive than their Unflavored originals and have less servings, with creatine being $14.95 for 85 (100 unflavored) servings and glutamine $19.95 for 52 (60 unflavored).