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HydraPharm introduces Unbreakable, Hydrafit and Hydralean


The UK available supplement company HydraPharm has added a few entirely new products to its lineup this month, the majority of which are weight loss competitors. The all-new supplements are called Unbreakable, Hydrafit, and Hydralean, those last two, of course, being the fat burning formulas.

Unbreakable for joint support

We’ll start our breakdown of the latest HydraPharm releases with Unbreakable, the only non-weight loss product of the lot. Unbreakable is, in fact, a joint support supplement, designed to accelerate whole body healing, supercharge recovery, and heal soft tissue and bone. It relies on a relatively small combination of ingredients including cissus quadrangularis and the healing peptide BPC-157.

Hydrafit and Hydralean

Next on the list we have the fat burners, Hydrafit and Hydralean, both of which are stimulant powered products. The two also promise similar effects with increased energy and focus, enhanced metabolism, appetite suppression, and overall weight loss. The main difference between the items appears to be that one is more stimulant driven than the other with Hydralean featuring a potent mix of caffeine, eria jarensis, and DMHA.

Introductory 33% discount

As mentioned in our last post on Hydrapharm, the best place to go to get your hands on any of the brand’s supplements is at Predator Nutrition. The retailer actually has a deal on all three of the new HydraPharm products at the moment, with 33% discount dropping Unbreakable down to £24.78, Hydrafit to £20.09, and Hydralean to £23.44.