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Killer Labz introduces its first two basics Killatine and Killamine


Up until now Killer Labz only had complex style supplements in its line up such as the nighttime formula Mummified and the unique, muscle building infused Brute BCAA. Today the brand has switched things up and introduced its first two basic products, Killatine and Killamine.

Supplement users at all familiar with basic and essential type products will probably figure out exactly what the two are based entirely on their names. Both items feature multiple forms of one ingredient with Killatine packing 60, 5g servings of creatine made up of creatine monohydrate, magnesium chelate, and anhydrous, and Killamine 60, 5g servings of glutamine with regular glutamine, l-alanyl, and magnesium glycyl.

To make everything even simpler, Killer Labz Killatine and Killamine are both unflavored formulas and cost just $19.99 each. To celebrate their release the brand is giving you your choice of either product free with the purchase of any Killer Labz supplement at, just remember the coupon code “KILLA”.