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Get Slapped, Pumped and Shredded by BAM supplements

BAM Btch Supplements

While we have seen our fair share of oddly named supplements here in the US, they don’t quite compare to the many we’ve come across from Europe. A couple of examples would be the Not4Pussy series of pre-workouts from BPS Pharma and the DMHA powered pre-workout Holy Shit from Furiouz Labs.

We’ve now come across another uniquely named set of products that we feel are worth sharing, coming once again from Europe. From what we can tell the name of the brand behind the items is BAM, which stands for Bodybuilding And More. It currently has three supplements on the market with B*tch Slap, Pump Dat B*tch, and Shredded B*tch.

As you can see, the naming all revolves around the word b*tch alongside terms relating to each product. B*tch Slap is BAM’s stimulant pre-workout for increased energy and focus, with the other two being a little more obvious. Pump Dat B*tch is the brand’s stimulant free pre-workout mostly for improved muscle pumps, and Shredded B*tch is a stimulant powered weight loss solution.

BAM Btch Supplements

As far as formulas go, BAM has gone all out for stimulants for the pre-workout and fat burner with both featuring the powerful DMHA. As for the non-stimulant one of the three, Pump Dat B*tch, you get another relatively loaded combination purely for pumps, that’s very similar to GN Labs’ FIBO launched pre-workout NitroGlycerine.

If you’d like to give any of BAM’s B*tch supplements a closer look, we can’t seem to find an actual website for the brand. You can, however, check out B*tch Slap, Pump Dat B*tch, and Shredded B*tch at the European retailer Gigas Nutrition. Not only can you get more information there, but you can also purchase any of the three if you’re interested in getting shredded, pumped, or slapped.