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Olympus Labs Ep1logue featuring an industry first ingredient


Following yesterday’s complete unveiling of Endur3, today Olympus Labs has revealed everything you need to know about its other upcoming supplement, Ep1logue. Previously we didn’t know all that much about the product, just that it would help build muscle in some way as well as improve muscle pumps.

To deliver its unique muscle building pump experience, Olympus Labs has packed Ep1logue with a relatively short combination of just three ingredients. The combination is however not something you might have seen before, as one of those three ingredients the brand says is an industry first.


The short and sweet formula behind Olympus Labs’ Ep1logue is led by 600mg of PhytoFuse epicatechin bonded phosphatidylcholine, to help build muscle. You then have 300mg of Vaso6 the powerful pump ingredient from the brand’s pre-workout Re1gn, then lastly 150mg of the industry first UroBolin urolithin B, also included to support muscle growth.

Just like Endur3, Olympus Labs muscle building pump formula Ep1logue is expected to officially launch around the upcoming Olympia weekend. An exact date has still yet to be confirmed for when the two supplements will be available, although as soon as we have more information, we’ll share it.