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iSatori unveils its 7-in-1 pre-workout Morph Xtreme

Morph Xtreme

Just a day after getting the first look at its all-new pre-workout supplement Morph Xtreme, iSatori has completely unveiled it as well as made it available for pre-order. As previously confirmed the product packs a pretty full on formula, with a serving size a lot heavier than a lot of its competitors at 28g.

7-in-1 pre-workout

In total iSatori has managed to squeeze over 20 different ingredients into its new Morph Xtreme. With that many ingredients, it’s no surprise the supplement promotes a wide variety of benefits. iSatori actually calls Morph Xtreme a seven in one pre-workout built for energy, focus, pump, strength, muscle, recovery, and endurance.

Over 20 ingredients

Fortunately, iSatori’s latest pre-workout is a mostly transparent product, so you know exactly how much of almost every ingredient you’re getting. For enhanced muscle pumps Morph Xtreme includes 7g of citrulline malate, a gram of Nitrosigine, and to improve absorption 25mg of AstraGin. You then have its ingredients for strength and endurance with 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2.5g of Creatine MagnaPower, and 1.5g of betaine.

Up next on Morph Xtreme’s large list of features is 4g of BCAAs to improve recovery, which sits alongside a light 25mg of Sustamine glutamine. Lastly, you have all of the pre-workout’s energy and focus ingredients with 2g of taurine, half a gram of choline, 350mg of caffeine, and 3.2mg of yohimbine.

Morph Xtreme

On top of that energy and focus blend, iSatori has also thrown in a 167mg blend to help make Morph Xtreme’s energy last a little longer. That blend is the only non-transparent part of the pre-workout and is made up of glucuronolactone, TeaCrine theacrine, KSM-66 ashwagandha, cordyceps, tyrosine, holy basil, and reishi mushroom.

Pre-order and save 25%

As mentioned earlier, iSatori has now made its new Morph Xtreme available for pre-order. The place to go to secure yourself a full-size 20 serving tub is the brand’s website, where it’ll cost you a competitive $33.75 using the coupon code “MORPH25”. As far as flavors go, the pre-workout has two to choose from with Orange Mango Mania and Bombsicle.