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Next BPS Pharma product apparently taking it back to basics

BPS Pharma

The hardcore German supplement company BPS Pharma, responsible for the uniquely named Not4Pussy line of pre-workouts, is back with what looks to be another new product. The brand has dropped a sneak peek at something it plans on dropping in the next few days, which at the moment has not had its name revealed.

The picture from BPS confirms that the mystery supplement will feature the same cartoon character from its Not4Pussy and PussyCapz products. To us, that would suggest it’ll be some sort of energy formula, although BPS has also said that the supplement will take it “Back to Basics”.

At this point, with so few details available we can’t really tell what it is BPS has coming. With all the pre-workouts it has out there on the market it could just be another one of those, however, we’re not quite sure on what the brand could mean by basic.

Fortunately, we’re not going to be left wondering for too long, as mentioned BPS Pharma says its next product is coming in the next few days. Based on that it sounds like we’ll be getting a good look at this one before the week is out.

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