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Latest from Hydrapharm a simple formula with complex benefits


An all-new supplement from the UK company Hydrapharm has dropped this week called Emoxypine. Formula wise, the product is a little bit simpler than what we’re used to seeing from the brand, however, in typical Hydrapharm fashion it does sound quite promising.

Hydrapharm’s Emoxypine is, in fact, an individual ingredient formula relying on the antioxidant emoxypine, which the brand has dosed at 125mg per capsule. While there is just the one ingredient in the supplement, as mentioned, it is said to be quite promising.

The title ingredient in Hydrapharm’s new Emoxypine promotes a number of benefits, the main ones being nootropic effects including improved concentration and cognition. Emoxypine is also said to help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

For a more detailed breakdown of what Emoxypine can do for you, there is a full description of the product over at the UK retailer Predator Nutrition. It is there where you can also now purchase the supplement in the one 60 capsule bottle for £23.99 ($31.67 USD).