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Hydrapharm launches its nutrient partitioning competitor Elixir

hydrapharm elixir

The UK based and rather advanced supplement company Hydrapharm has just added another unique product to its growing lineup. The latest supplement from the brand is Elixir, which is a nutrient partitioning formula that brings together a combination of four main ingredients.

Ingredients and benefits

Packed into each serving of the new Hydrapharm Elixir are ecklonia cava, cinnamon extract, oxymatrine, and the common nutrient partitioning ingredient, berberine. None of the features are dosed transparently, with the brand wrapping all of them up in a proprietary blend that weighs 950mg per two-capsule serving.

hydrapharm elixir

Altogether, the non-transparent combination of ingredients in Hydrapharm Elixir aims to help enhance muscle growth and fat loss, make you harder, fuller, and more vascular, as well as improve overall body composition.

How to use it

Like most nutrient partitioners, the brand directs users to take Elixir 20 minutes before a meal with at least 50g of carbohydrates, at a maximum of twice per day. The product also has an option for users that are dieting where they take half a serving with at least 15g of carbohydrates at a maximum of four times.

Where to buy

As mentioned, Hydrapharm is a UK supplement company, so that is of course where you can get a hold of its products. The best place to go is Predator Nutrition who is already stocking the brand’s new nutrient partitioner Elixir at a price of £44.99 (57.76 USD) for a full-size, 120 capsule, 60 serving bottle.