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OxyMax updated with clean energy and all day appetite suppression


Performax Labs’ stimulant powered fat burner OxyMax is the latest supplement to be reformulated in the brand’s massive relaunch month. Much like the other products Performax has updated this month — HyperMax and VasoMax — the new OxyMax has been improved with different ingredients, dosing, and full transparency.

All day appetite suppression

Performax Labs’ reformulated fat burner is designed to be a complete weight loss solution offering a lot more than just your typical increased energy and focus. While long-lasting clean energy is a part of the experience, OxyMax also promises increased thermogenesis as well as extremely useful, all day appetite suppression.


Updated OxyMax formula

Formula wise, fans of Performax Labs’ OxyMax will recognize a number of ingredients in the updated version. It features a substantial amount of stimulants including 250mg of caffeine, 150mg of eria jarensis, and 2mg of rauwolfia. To deliver its fat burning benefits the brand has also thrown in proven ingredients such as 40mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise and 25mg of coleus forskohlii.

Available today direct

You can check out the full combination of ingredients in Performax Labs’ new and improved OxyMax in the label above. The supplement itself should be available directly from the brand’s website sometime later today, where it will have a regular price of $47.99. Being that we’re still in Performax’s relaunch month however, its coupon code “RL15” is still good for 15% off.