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Yankee F’ing Doodle Patriot’s Whey with real Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Yankee Fing Doodle Patriots Whey

It’s been a pretty exciting past few days for ‘Merica Labz fans as a lot of big news from the patriotic brand has surfaced. That conitnues today as details have come in on a new flavor for one of ‘Merica Labz current supplements.

The brand has confirmed the flavor name Yankee F’ing Doodle for its incredibly delicious protein powder Patriot’s Whey. According to ‘Merica Labz, Yankee F’ing Doodle is a snickerdoodle like recipe that will have real Cinnamon Toast Crunch right in the powder.

As unbelievable as ‘Merica Labz describes Yankee F’ing Doodle Patriot’s Whey, it sounds about right if you know the product’s other flavors. For those not familiar with the protein, the brand goes the extra mile with taste on this one throwing in real chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cookies pieces.