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Swole O’Clock teases something big just days out from Black Friday

Swole O Clock

The bodybuilding watch company Swole O’Clock has dropped a teaser that’s vague, but definitely sounds like something exciting. The brand is attempting to excite fans with the rather intriguing words “Something BIG is Coming Soon”.

Swole O’Clock has added a couple of other sentences to get the hype going even further, saying “We’re up to something. Inspired by our fans, the Swole O’clock team decided to create something extra special this year.”

Based on what little information the brand has released so far, we can’t be too sure of what it actually has coming. What we can do is take a few guesses at some possibilities, the first being the obvious one, that Swole O’Clock has put together a new, bigger watch of some sort.

Our second guess is that Swole O’Clock is referring to a big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales event. With Black Friday being less than a week away, it is quite the coincidence, although for now, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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