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Primaforce BHB keeps it simple with 6g of goBHB per serving

Primaforce BHB

Just yesterday we got a blurred out preview and confirmation of a new ketogenic line of supplements coming soon from the usually basic brand, Primaforce. Today we have an in-depth look at one of those two products, with the goBHB infused formula simply named Primaforce BHB.

Primaforce BHB is actually quite a straightforward supplement as the ingredient mentioned above — goBHB — is its one and only main ingredient. The brand has packed the product with 6g of BHB ketones in each of its 60 servings to help boost ketones, fuel performance, and suppress appetite.

Primaforce BHB

There is one other rather unique feature to Primaforce BHB that’s not something you’ll see when looking at its facts panel. The brand has said that its goBHB formula also tastes pretty good, despite having no artificial flavors or sweeteners. When it eventually hits shelves, it’ll be available in three flavors with Grape, Orange-Mango, and Patriot Pop.

If taste is indeed on the supplement’s side as Primaforce says, then it will definitely be interesting to see the price on this one when it launches. With a straightforward goBHB formula and great taste, Primaforce BHB could find itself becoming quite the competitive ketogenic solution.

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