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Promera creating a new category with its latest innovation

Promera Alpha Plus

With the coming of another week, we get a little bit closer to the big reveal of the latest innovation from the brand behind Con-Cret, Promera Sports. Its latest update gives us a much clearer look at the upcoming supplement that is said to feature some sort of new patented ingredient.

Unfortunately, Promera’s new teaser doesn’t confirm much of anything about its new ingredient, with just a few pieces of information about the product containing it. Firstly we can confirm a bit more about its name, which looks to have three parts to it with what we read as “Alpha ???? Plus”.

The other few details we have to go along with the mystery Promera supplement are that it will be naturally flavored, have 20 servings per tub, with each serving weighing in at 10.1g. The brand has also said that the product will be so unlike anything you’ve seen before, it’ll create a whole new category for the industry.

It seems the more we hear about the Promera Sports supplement, the more interesting it starts to sound. We’ll definitely be sharing updates on this one as the information comes in, so be sure to stay tuned for more on Promera’s self-proclaimed game changer.

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