More information on Supps: The Movie’s Rich Piana origin story

Supps Movie Rich Piana

Last week we got an information-filled update on how the upcoming nutritional supplement documentary, Supps: The Movie, is coming along. In that update, it was confirmed that the film will feature a bit that’s being referred to as the true origin story of the late and legendary Rich Piana.

Following on from last week’s post, we’ve got a bit more information to share about Supps: The Movie, although this time it’s all about that Rich Piana feature. We were definitely curious as to what the Rich Piana origin story would be about and involve, which is what we have a few details on here today.

By the sounds of things, it is mostly going to be about Rich Piana’s very early years and his friendship with the director of Supps: The Movie, Alex Ardenti. The two were friends for almost 20 years, worked out at the same gym, did several photoshoots together, and it was Ardenti that got Rich his first contract with Mutant long after he retired from competition.

As mentioned, it sounds like the Rich Piana origin story is going to be quite a personal feature from the side of Alex Ardenti, and will likely be a good watch for Rich’s many fans. Supps: The Movie is still due to release sometime in the summer of 2018 and will feature a long list of industry personalities and professionals.

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