All-new half size Giant Keto is actually 20% better value

Jan 4th, 2018
Giant Keto

Yesterday we posted about Giant Sports’ teaser of a new keto supplement that had something to do with the brand’s original ketogenic powerhouse, Giant Keto. We suspected the product to be either a simpler version of Giant Keto or possibly a smaller tub size.

Giant Sports has now revealed and completely released its teased supplement, which has turned out to be a smaller option for Giant Keto. The new tub packs half the amount of servings the original does with a total of ten, and still features the same goBHB heavy formula.

Giant Keto

While a new tub size for a product isn’t usually all that exciting, the ten serving Giant Keto is. The main reason you might want to pay attention to this one is that despite having significantly fewer servings the release is actually more cost-effective.

The regular price on a full tub of Giant Keto through Amazon is $49.99, whereas the half size, ten serving is 20% better value, currently at $19.99. The new Giant Keto is due to be in stock on Amazon on January 7th, although you can pre-order now in two flavors, Peach Mango and Raspberry Lemonade.