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Quest’s website is one of the best places to get the new Quest Cookie

Quest Cookie

Since sharing the news of Quest Nutrition officially launching its protein packed Quest Cookie, earlier today. The soft and chewy protein snack has been released in a couple of other major places, giving it a much wider availability.

On top of Amazon, where the new Quest snack is now in stock in more than just the one flavor. The Quest Cookie can also be found at GNC and as you’d expect, Quest Nutrition’s own website.

Of all the places you’ll want to go, it looks like Quest itself has the best availability of the Quest Cookie. Not only does it have the lowest price but it also has all four flavors in stock and available in boxes as well as individually.

A single Quest Cookie from will cost you $1.99, and a full box of 12 cookies will cost you $23.99. That actually means you’ll save if buy the product individually as 12 cookies at $1.99 is $23.88, making it even easier for those looking to sample all four flavors.