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Giant drops a more complete collagen protein with added tryptophan

Collagen Complete

Just recently Giant Sports added another item to its growing line of ketogenic supplements. That new release was a smaller and surprisingly more cost-effective tub size of the brand’s original keto competitor, Giant Keto.

Collagen protein

This week Giant Sports has dropped another product for its family of health supplements called Collagen Complete, which is essentially a collagen powered protein powder. Each tub of the keto and paleo friendly product packs 12g of hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine sources, providing exactly 11g of protein.

Collagen Complete

Added tryptophan

There is also one other ingredient in Giant Sports’ Collagen Complete, that seems to be what gives the supplement its name. On top of the hydrolyzed collagen is 50mg of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that most collagen protein formulas are deficient in.

The added amino simply makes the product a more complete collagen protein, giving you a full spectrum of amino acids for normal growth and health.

Available at Amazon

The all-new Collagen Complete is now available for purchase from the place Giant Sports appears to launch all of its keto supplements, Amazon. A full 44 serving tub or 22 serving if you prefer over 20g of protein, will cost you $19.99 with Unflavored being the only flavor option you have at the moment.