MusclePharm’s new Creatine is extremely cost-effective

MusclePharm Creatine

MusclePharm’s all-new, more basic, Essentials Series Creatine is now available. As confirmed late last month, the brand’s latest creatine competitor is as basic as you can get with just straight unflavored, creatine monohydrate powder.

MusclePharm has packaged the strength and muscle building ingredient into three different tub sizes with 60, 120, and 200 servings. All three of those are now available through the brand’s website, and at prices that are actually extremely competitive.

The pricing on MusclePharm’s Essentials Series Creatine is $9.99 for a 300g tub, $14.99 for 600g, and for the massive 200 serving 1kg, you’re looking at $19.99.