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PreWRKT is as clinically dosed as MDRN Athlete promised

MDRN athlete prewrkt

The first pharmacist formulated MDRN Athlete supplement has arrived, and it as clinically dosed as the brand promised. MDRN Athlete has started everything off with a pre-workout competitor called PreWRKT featuring full doses of proven and reliable ingredients.

What is PreWRKT

MDRN Athlete’s PreWRKT promotes a complete pre-workout experience, providing all the benefits you could ask for. The brand describes the product’s effects pretty quickly saying it packs crash-free energy and focus along with unrivaled strength and pumps.

MDRN athlete prewrkt


Moving on to its ingredients, for strength and pump benefits MDRN Athlete has packed PreWRKT with a heavy 6g of pure citrulline, a gram of agmatine, 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and 2g of betaine.

Next on the list is PreWRKT’s energy and mental focus ingredients which is a little longer than the strength and pump combination. You have 100mg each of theanine and the exciting new stimulant Dynamine, 50mcg of huperzine A, 50mg of pure TeaCrine, 350mg of alpha-GPC, 750mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and lastly, 300mg of caffeine.

MDRN athlete prewrkt

Rare combination

As mentioned, MDRN Athlete has really brought together quite the mix of ingredients for PreWRKT. While its features and doses can be seen in a lot of other pre-workouts out there, what you don’t see too often is all of them brought together in the one supplement.

Where to buy

You can now pre-order MDRN Athlete’s PreWRKT through its website at for shipping next Monday. It’ll cost you $43 for a full 20 serving tub with three sweet sounding flavors available to choose from in Tiger’s Blood, Cotton Candy, and Sour Gummy.